Fair Usage Terms

In these Terms, we refer to Landmark Information Group Limited (Whose registered office is 7 Abbey Court, Eagle Way, Exeter, EX2 7HY) as "We", "Us" and "Our" and we refer to the contracting party who accesses the Website or places an Order with Us as "You", "Your" and "Yourself".  Promap® is provided to You by Landmark Information Group Limited

These Fair Usage Terms are supplementary to Landmark’s Terms and Conditions which you are required to accept upon registration. These Fair Usage Terms apply to Your use of Promap® (“the Service”).

Landmark Information Group Ltd will, at its discretion, provide access to detailed map layers within the Service to allow users to familiarise themselves with the product. You are entitled to view OS MasterMap Topography Layer (Detailed Map) 5 (five) times free of charge (“Fair Usage Allowance”) in total however, upon making a purchase, this Fair Usage Allowance will be reset back to 5 (five). Use of the Services to view the OS MasterMap Topography Layer (Detailed Map) beyond this Fair Usage allowance is considered excessive and Landmark Information Group Ltd reserve the right to invoice you for such access.

Landmark Information Group Ltd may record details of your activity, including but not limited to Your IP address, to monitor and control Your usage in accordance with these Fair Usage Terms.

Landmark Information Group Ltd reserves the right to terminate or suspend any of the Services, any functionality provided by the Services or its relationship with You immediately, if it determines you are using your subscription contrary to these Fair Usage Terms or any other Landmark Information Group Terms and Conditions, whether Your activity is considered unlawful, inappropriate or unusual, or for any reason Landmark Information Group may deem necessary.

Your use of the Service will be considered as acceptance of these Fair Usage Terms and Conditions, by which you agree to abide and to pay any applicable charges where such use is not in accordance with these Terms.

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