OS Detail 3D Data Bundle


The OS Detail 3D Data Bundle  comprises current OS Detail, OS Building Height Attribute data and OS Terrain® 5 data delivered as a ready to use 3D model.

Detailed Description

The OS Detail 3D Data Bundle is available in PDF or DWG format.

Both formats include 3D buildings overlain on OS Terrain 5 Digital Terrain Model to give a fully 3D representation of both the natural and built topography of a site

In the PDF option the current OS Detail mapping is draped on the terrain surface, while in the DWG option the mapping is supplied as a separate high resolution geo-referenced PNG file.

The PDF format can be opened in an internet browser or using freely available software and gives users immediate access to 3D models.

AlternativelyThe DWG format allows CAD users to utilise the data for detailed analysis.

The Building Height Attribute information is also supplied as separate CSV file to accompany the 3D model. Individual buildings in the 3D model can be related to the information in the CSV using the TOID attribute.

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information

3D models offer the ability to visualise the landscape and topography of a site without the need to source and combine individual datasets.

These models can be used to enable 3D analysis and provide important contextual information for a range of applications:

  • Line of sight planning, right to light and view-shed modelling
  • Visualisation and fly-through sequences
  • Signal propagation analysis
  • Planning and development
  • Wind/solar farm location planning
  • Environmental and geological analysis
  • Flood/weather modelling and risk assessment
  • Quantity surveying and cut/fill analysis
  • Marketing and advertising

Data Formats

Export Formats
OS Detail 3D Data Bundle

Download Sample Data

Map Type Files

OS Building Height Attribute (Alpha Release)
OS Terrain 5 DTM
OS Detail mapping

The Building Height Attribute is an enhancement to, and forms part of, Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap® Topography Layer. The dataset provides a set of height values for features classified as Buildings within OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

The Building Height Attribute data is only available for a limited number of urban areas in Great Britain and coverage will be indicated at the point of ordering. Please note that the data is supplied as-is from the OS and even where there is 100% coverage the Building Height Attribute data may not be fully populated. Orders for OS Building Height Attribute will include all data that is available.

Update Schedule
The Building Height Attribute data was released as an Alpha product in March 2014 and as such it will not be updated in line with OS MasterMap Topography Layer.



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