BGS Geological Indicators of Flooding

The maps from the British Geological Survey detail those areas most vulnerable to two types of flooding, inland (river floodplains) and coastal / estuarine.

Inland floodplains are the areas near rivers where mud, sand and gravel have been deposited from previous floods. For coastal plains a range of marine deposits, for example tidal flats, define areas where the sea has formerly occupied the land.

The map is based on observation of the types of geological deposit present and does not take into account any man-made influences such as buildings or flood protection schemes.

The map aids in desktop analysis, flood risk assessments and can be used to provide an indication as to whether a property or proposed development is at risk from inland or coastal flooding.

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
Model to identify if a site is susceptible to flood
Flood risk assessments

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Dataset NameBGS Geological Indicators of Flooding
SupplierBritish Geological Survey
Update CycleAnnually
Source Scale1:50,000
Typical Delivery Time3 mins



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