PointX Points of Interest


PointX is a joint venture company between Landmark Information Group & Ordnance Survey

The data provides location details of businesses, leisure sites and geographic features in Great Britain (GB) known as Points of Interest (POI)

The database contains over 4 million records in national GB coverage broken down in a three-tier classification: 9 Groups, 52 Categories and 616 Classes

By bringing together datasets (including addressable and non-addressable features) from the public and private sectors, PointX has created a positional index of both natural and man-made Points of Interest in Britain. The database will pinpoint shops, businesses, tourist and leisure facilities, topographic features and a host of other community and commercial Points of Interest.

The data provides unrivalled background for “where to” and “find my nearest” applications and detailed spatial queries into accessibility, location management and market analysis.

Unlike existing providers of Points of Interest information, PointX is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and consistent national dataset and, most importantly, keeping this as up-to-date as possible. Containing millions of features, the database will help users make the location-based connections required to improve the way we live and work in the 21st Century.

From airports to amusement parks, banks to bookshops, hospitals to hotels, petrol stations to pubs and restaurants to railway stations, PointX will service a wide range of applications. With continuous updates, links to rich sources of information and a regular programme of new releases, the PointX database is sure to make its mark.

Each record includes OS MasterMap TOID and Version enabling association to area features in the OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
'Find my nearest' source of information
Spatial analysis

Data Formats

Export Formats
DWG 2007

Download Sample Data

Map Type Files

Update CycleQuarterly
Delivery Time10 mins



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