Flooding Risk Reports

With Flooding high on the National agenda, understanding the hazards and types of risks flood presents and their likely social, environmental and economic impacts is important when conducting pre-site analysis and feasibility studies.

Promap provides two dedicated flood reports tow aggregate data from a number of sources and provide you or your client peace of mind for private residences or commercial land and property.


Sitecheck Flood - Commercial Property Flood Report
Sitecheck Flood from Landmark Information Group is the first commercial flood report available that includes an independent professional opinion of risk from a dedicated team of expert consultants at Argyle Environmental.

As part of the market-leading Sitecheck range of commercial conveyancing reports, the Sitecheck Flood includes the most comprehensive and trusted data to provide a clear and thorough assessment including a an independent professional opinion provided by Argyle Environmental Consultants.

Key features and Benefits include:

  • Clear colour coded assessment on the introduction page shows you whether any issues are present at a glance. 
  • Independent professional opinion from expert consultants at Argyle Environmental.
  • Surface Water (pluvial) and 75 year return period data
  • Unique Insurance Claims Data
  • British Geological Survey (BGS) Susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding Data identifying where groundwater flooding could occur. 
  • BGS Geological Indicators of Flooding identifying where geological deposits associated with flooding show where future flooding could occur. 
  • Use of Official Environment Agency flood data


Homecheck Pro - Residential Property Flood Report
The Homecheck Professional Flood Report is a desktop, conveyancing-ready flood risk screening report designed to enable property professionals to assess the risk of flooding at residential sites. 

Key features and benefits include:

  • Insurance Statement clearly presented at the front of the report to understand whether the site is likely to be insurable at standard terms. 
  • Upfront guidance presented with clarity allowing you to communicate the key information simply and easily, without having to be a hydrologist.
  • Expert Risk Assessment provided from experienced consultants at Argyll Environmental.
  • Flood data from JBA Risk Management, the largest specialist flood consultancy in the UK and the leading supplier of flood information to the insurance industry and property market. The report contains JBA’s data covering risk from River Flooding, Coastal Flooding and Surface Water Flooding
  • Environment Agency River & Coastal Risk and Flood Defences data looking at whether the property is in or within 250m of an area affected by flooding (Zone 3) or extreme flooding (Zone 2), flood defences or areas benefiting from flood defences.
  • EA’s National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) data based on assessments undertaken for 85 river catchments and coastal cells, used by the ABI and financial services sector.
  • EA Historical Flood Events to identify past flooding events in your area.
  • British Geographic Survey (BGS) Groundwater Susceptibility to identify where groundwater flooding could occur based on the underlying geological conditions.
  • Next Steps / Recommendations section including positive options to help mitigate and manage flood risk on a particular property.