ITN - Road Network and Routing


Recommended viewing between 1:1250 and 1:10000

What is it?

The Integrated Transport Network Layer™ is a detailed, accurate and up-to-date digital dataset consisting of, Road Network, Road Routing Information and Urban Paths suitable for GIS users/software.

The Integrated Transport Network Layer™ contains approximately 13 million road features and 1.5 million items of Road Routing Information.

The Road Network consists of a fully structured link-and-node network representing the road network of GB. It contains the following features;

  • Road categories - from motorways and primary routes to named and unnamed minor roads and local streets.
  • Road type classification - e.g. Motorways, A & B roads, private, etc...
  • Nature of the road classification - i.e. dual carriageway, roundabouts and slip road information.

The Road Routing Information contains information that could influence a driver's choice of route. It contains features such as;

  • Height, weight and width restrictions
  • Traffic calming
  • Turn restrictions
  • One-way roads as well as vehicular access and time restrictions

How can the Integrated Transport Network Layer™ benefit you?

The data includes all roads, from motorways to pedestrian only streets. The inclusion of bridge weight, height and width information allows for better route planning to improve delivery routes and realise efficiencies. 

Case Study

A sample Case Study produced by the Ordnance Survey can be found with the sample data below.

Please note this dataset is only suited to GIS software

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
Route planning
Transport planning
Civil contingency
Asset management

Data Formats

Export Formats
GML 2.1.2


Download Sample Data

Map Type Files

SupplierOrdnance Survey
Update Cycle 6-weekly
CoverageGreat Britain
Source Scale1:1,250 (urban), 1:2,500 (rural), 1:10,000 (moorland)
Licence Options12, 24 and 36 months
Typical Delivery Time3 days



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