Time running out for organisations facing financial penalty under 2012 CRC scheme

  • Organisations fined £99,000 for failing to meet reporting criteria for the 2011 Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme*
  • The 31st July reporting deadline for CRC 2012 is fast approaching
  • Landmark's Carbon Counter data management software solution provides a safe and accurate repository for data and reduces time and costs associated with recording and reporting
  • Carbon Counter has helped over 300 organisations in the public and private sectors meet the CRC requirements

Following the news that four high profile firms, including the maker of Schwarzkopf hair products and Pritt Stick, have been fined a combined total of £99,000 for reporting failures under the 2011 Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme, time is running out for organisations to meet the 31st July 2012 CRC deadline and avoid facing a hefty fine.

With individual company fines ranging from £10,000 - £41,000, Landmark Information Group is urging organisations to remain committed to meeting the obligations of the scheme and submit their reports before the fast approaching deadline.

David Mole, Director for Landmark Environmental Due Diligence, said: "2011 was the first year of the CRC Scheme and there was a general level of uncertainty as to whether or not fines would be incurred by organisations which did not comply with the requirements. This uncertainty was compounded by the publication of Government proposals to simplify the scheme in order to cut administrative costs for participating companies, leaving organisations unsure of whether they would even be required to submit their reports at all.

"We now know that no changes have been made for 2012 reporting; the original scheme is still in place and fines for non-compliance are being enforced. Late reports submitted within 40 working days of the deadline are usually subject to a £5,000 penalty and an escalating fine of £500 for each working day past the deadline. The steep fines incurred by Henkel, international utility company Saur and engineering companies BI Group and Tomkins Ltd clearly serve as a warning from CRC that non-compliance is taken very seriously and businesses will pay the price. It is vital, therefore, that companies comply with the scheme and submit their reports in time in order to avoid being penalised."

David continues: "Although the deadline is looming, organisations which are yet to formulate and submit their reports needn't think that meeting the cut-off date is an impossibility; there are tools available to help companies measure and report their carbon usage.

"Landmark's Carbon Counter data management software solution acts as a central depository for information and collates information for the CRC evidence pack. Launched specifically to help organisations comply with CRC, it has already assisted over 300 customers across the public and private sectors meet the CRC requirements and drastically reduce their administrative burden.

"Not only can time spent on administration be halved within a period of 12 months of using Carbon Counter, but users can learn key lessons on understanding energy usage and the benefits that this can have on the bottom line. We have learned of one organisation for example, who, thanks to Carbon Counter, identified that they were paying for supplies to one building that they didn't even own."

David concludes: "The CRC can be a hugely time consuming, challenging and frustrating experience but it really needn't be. With £1.6bn worth of energy wasted by UK companies each year*, the benefits of CRC and identifying where savings can be made, far outweigh the negatives of the scheme."

Almost half of the organisations using the Carbon Counter CRC Compliance application come from the public sector, including district councils, county councils and NHS trusts which are often responsible for administering electricity, gas, oil and biomass across multiple sites. This means that a clear evidence pack and audit trail is vital, something for which the CRC Compliance application was specifically designed. A growing number of private sector organisations are also recognising the benefits of using the system, with companies such as Highland Spring Group and Vector Aerospace International signed up.

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