The Promap Digital Mapping system requires our own proprietary ActiveX control to be installed on your computer before it can be used. Our ActiveX control enables you to customise your maps onscreen, print scaled maps directly from Promap to your printer / PDF writer, export data straight to your PC and much more.

Install the latest version

This option will attempt to install the latest version of the Promap ActiveX control through your browser, much like how Promap installs the control during the login process.

Download the MSI file

The MSI (Microsoft Installer) is a standalone installer that will install our ActiveX control onto your PC, once installed the control will appear in your Add/Remove programs window. The MSI file can be used to install Promap onto both a single computer or onto multiple computers via Group Policy or similar software deployment mechanisms.

CAB & Install file

This option will download a ZIP file containing the Promap control as a CAB file and a Install file which will install the Promap control onto your computer through your web browser.