EA Flood Map

Information covering the location of both Flood Zone 2 and Flood Zone 3 hazards.

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We supply Environment Agency flood data grouped into a single product, this includes:

  • Flood Zone 2 – areas that could be flooded in an extreme flood event. These outlying areas are likely to be affected by a major flood, with up to a 0.1 per cent (1 in 1000) chance of occurring each year.
  • Flood Zone 3 – areas that could be flooded from the sea with a 1 in 200 or greater chance of happening or by rivers within a 1 in 100 greater chance of happening per year
  • Area benefiting from Flood Defences – areas benefiting from the flood defences shown in a 1% chance of fluvial or 0.5% chance of tidal flood event.
  • Flood Water Storage Areas – areas that show the natural flood plain area that could be affected in the event of flooding from rivers and the sea are also provided.

Data Information

Dataset EA Flood Data
Source scale 5m cells
Supplier Environment Agency
Update Cycle Quarterly
Coverage England & Wales
Typical Delivery Time 2 minutes

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EA Flood Map is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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How can you use EA Flood Map?

Flood zone analysis

Confirm your sites proximity to a flood zone.

Flood risk assessment

Accurate data is crucial to ensure accurate reporting.

Site analysis

Identify potential risks to your development by reviewing our flood data.

Displaying hazards

Use our flood data to support your reporting hazards impacting a site.

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