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Identify protected and designated areas within Local Plan.

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Land Use Policies are collected from Local Authorities throughout Great Britain as local planning authorities are required to prepare planning strategies for their area in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in England and Wales, and the Town and Country Planning Act 1997 in Scotland.

Plans are produced by district councils, unitary councils and National Park authorities in which detailed policies are set out to guide development in the Local Authority area. The plans may include detailed proposals for individual sites as well as identifying areas suitable for housing, industry, retail, conservation or other land uses.

The data has been grouped into the following classifications:

  • Community and Social Facilities
  • Heritage Environment
  • Housing
  • Industrial and Commercial
  • Open Land
  • Town Centre and Retailing
  • Transport

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Data Information

Dataset Local Plans Data
Supplier Local Authorities
Update Cycle As notified
Coverage GB
Typical Delivery Time 1 hour

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