Medium detail RADAR derived height dataset suitable for early site feasibility studies and wider area analysis.

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5m NextMap DSM (RADAR)
Using airborne RADAR technology the ground surface has been modelled in detail with elevation points provided every five meters. The measurements are derived from the return signals received that bounce off the first surface they strike, making the DSM a representation of any object large enough to be resolved. These include buildings, vegetation and roads, as well as natural terrain features at an accuracy of +/- 1m.

5m NextMap DTM (RADAR)
Within the NEXTMAP height data elevation points are provided every five meters. For the DTM, the ground surface objects have been processed and removed to give a representation of the bare earth at an accuracy of +/- 1m.

Data Information

Supplier Intermap
Resolution 5m
Accuracy +/- 1m
Coverage GB
Typical Delivery Time 1-3 minutes

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NEXTMap RADAR is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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