UKMap 3D Data Bundle

3D models available for Greater London, delivered in minutes.

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Delivered as a basic 3D contextual model the UKMap Bundle combines UKMap detailed mapping (also supplied) with Height Data supplied by TGG to create a quick and ready 3D visualisation of the built environment in London, delivered within minutes.

A Triangulated Irregular Netowrk (TIN) and Contours are also provided as underlying terrain detail, presented at height above sea-level.

Data Information

Dataset UKMap 3D Data Bundle
Supplier The GeoInformation Group
Resolution 5m (DTM)
Accuracy +/- 1m (DTM vertical accuracy)
Coverage Greater London
Typical Delivery Time 1-3 minutes

Available now

UKMap 3D Data Bundle is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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