Getmapping UK Aerial Imagery

Promap delivers high quality colour aerial photographs from leading UK suppliers Getmapping.

Available in a range of resolutions these are a valuable addition to maps and provide detail down to street level, with objects such as cars and trees easily identifiable.

A free Aerial mapping layer, customisation tools and a Hybrid aerial overlay function (available on Detailed mapping layers) are provided to help you extract the best value from this context information.

Quotes for larger areas are available on request. 

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
Identification of land use
Identification of vegetation
Site analysis
Supporting documentation
Marketing literature

Data Formats and Samples

Export FormatsSave as Image Formats (25cm only)
PNG* (recommended)PNG* (recommended)

*World-files are provided


Mapping may be sent direct to installed Printers or PDF using PDF writing software

Download Sample Data

Dataset NamesGetmapping - Varies depending on area
CoverageVaries depending on resolution, typically GB
Update CycleVaries - latest supplied
Printable Scales (25cm)1:500 - 1:2500
Resolution12.5cm, 25cm, 50cm, 1m and 2m
Typical DeliveryWithin 5 minutes



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