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OS 1:25,000 Colour Raster

The digital version of the popular OS Explorer maps, providing a wealth of information regarding rights of way.


By mirroring the OS Explorer map series, 1:25,000 Colour Raster shows a detailed overview of environmental features. That’s not all, 1:25,000 Colour Raster covers:

  • Settlements
  • Man-made structures
  • Transport
  • Water and coastal features
  • Natural landscape features
  • Rights of way and access land
  • Ground and air survey heights
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Tourist information
  • Heritage and archaeological site

Data Information

DatasetOS 1:25,000 Colour Raster
SupplierOrdnance Survey
Update CycleEvery 6 months
Typical Delivery Time1-3 minutes

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1:25,000 (recommended viewing scales between 1:8,000 and 1:25,000)

How can you use OS 1:25,000 Colour Raster?

Estate management

Need to view a large area, 1:25k provides a manageable overview of the important information for your estate.

Rights of way analysis

1:25k covers rights of way, footpaths, access land and more making it the perfect for land analysis.

Backdrop mapping

Whether it's geographic or business data that you wish to display, 1:25k offers an ideal backdrop to showcase that information.

Point of interest

Tourist and heritage attractions are shown on this mapping. Making it great for showcasing points of interest.

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