OS 1:250,000 Colour Raster

OS 1:250,000 Colour Raster shows information relating to cities, towns and motorways to provide a regional view similar to that of a traditional road atlas.


1:250,000 Colour Raster is a small-scale digital raster mapping product that displays features relating:

  • Cities and towns;
  • Motorways, A and B roads;
  • Country lanes;
  • Places of interest, including camping and caravan sites;
  • Railways;
  • Rivers;
  • Woodlands.

Data Information

DatasetOS 1:250,000 Colour Raster
SupplierOrdnance Survey
Update CycleAnnually
Typical Delivery Time1-3 minutes

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1:250,000 Colour Raster is designed to be nominally viewed at 1:200,000

How can I use OS 1:250,000 Colour Raster?

Transport Management

1:250,000 provides an overview of all major roads and travel networks.

Displaying demographic data

The regional view of 1:250,000 will help give context to any small scale spatial data.

Route planning

With all major transport links, OS 1:250,000 Colour Raster helps with any route planning.

Sales brochure

Improve a leaflet or sales brouchure with a map of the surrouding area.

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