3D models

3D Models

We provide a range of 3D models to suit a variety of applications and budgets. Take your project to the next dimension.

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OS Detail 3D Data Bundle

A combination of three core Ordnance Survey products including MasterMap, Terrain 5 and MasterMap with Building Height Attributes

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3D models

OS Detail with Building Height Attribute

Understand the built environment with Building Height Attributes added to OS MasterMap.

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High Detail 3D Model of London

Accucities High Detail 3D Model of London

Constantly Updated & Upgraded 3D London model. Data stored at customers premises for direct company-wide access.

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Zmapping Detailed 3D Model

High detail 3D models providing an accurate representation of the real-world.

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What can I use 3D models for?


Drop your designs straight into our 3D models and provide your clients with a clear representation of the project before it's built.


Great for providing context as part of your next consultation. Our models will help bring your designs to live.

Rights to light

Support your next feasibility study by investigating a developments impact on neighbouring properties.

Rapid prototype models

Display your vision early on by showcasing your design alongside one of our 3D models