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Contaminated land consultancy

Our clients use our land contamination expertise to support development sites which are brownfield or have contaminated land issues.

Flood risk consultancy

We can advise on whether flood risk is a development constraint, and how to overcome this in the most cost-effective way.

Transactional due-diligence

Our tiered approach means we are able to cost-effectively present due-diligence for the entire portfolio and consult on the sites that matter.

Asset management

We can package services to cover environmental risks that matter to you and build these services to fit your budget.

How can we help you as part of consultancy & client services

Browse Contamined Land Consultancy

Contamined Land Consultancy

Our contaminated land planning services are designed to support landowners, developers and other professional advisers through the planning process.

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Flood Risk Consultancy

Undertaking planning, if you're in a flood area, you a likely to require a Flood Risk Assessment.

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Browse Transactional Due-Diligence

Transactional Due-Diligence

We have developed a unique service to provide cost-effective risk assessment for large residential or commercial property portfolio transactions.

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Browse Asset Management

Asset Management

We can support the transaction, management, decision-making and investment in property assets.

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