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Getmapping Aerial Photography

Available in a range of resolutions and across Great Britain, Getmapping Aerial Photography is available to view, print and export.

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Working with Getmapping, the UK’s leading supplier of aerial photography, we deliver a seamless and current layer of aerial photography direct to your browser. Our hybrid function allows you to overlay aerial photography on top of current mapping to discover even more information.

Available in a range of resolutions, Getmapping Aerial Photography is a valuable addition to any map and provides detail down to street level, with objects such as cars and trees easily identifiable.

Data Information

DatasetGetmapping Aerial Photography
Resolution12.5cm, 25cm, 50cm & 1m
Update CycleRegular updates
Typical Delivery Time1-3 minutes

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Getmapping Aerial Photography is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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How can you use Getmapping Aerial Photography

Land use analysis

Getmapping Aerial Photography clearly displays the current land use for any site in Great Britain.

Identification of vegetation

Use our hybrid function to overlay Getmapping Aerial Photography and mapping for a more in-depth view of vegetation.

Environmental analysis

Review the potential impact of vegetation as part of your environmental or flood analysis.


A picture paints a thousand words, so use Getmapping Aerial Photography to present site location in your brochure.

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