Promap Accreditation Programme

The business world keeps on moving fast and you shouldn’t stay behind. Get educated and accredited with Promap and show the world what you can do. Take the next step to advance your career.

Start your accreditation journey now

How the accreditation works

To become Promap accredited, you are required to watch the following four educational videos within 1 month: 

  • Introduction to Promap 
  • Promap Advanced Drawing and Measuring Tools
  • Promap Viewable Data Layers 
  • Promap Reports 

Once you have watched these videos, you will be given the option to take a test and if you score 70% or more, you will receive your Promap certificate and badge to showcase your knowledge on your CV and LinkedIn account. 

Get educated when and where it suits you with our on-demand videos.  

The assessment has 40 multiple-choice questions, and it lasts 1 hour. In case you fail, you can re-take the test after a week, so check your notes and get ready for next time.  

Find all videos here.

Note that after 12 months the accreditation expires and you need to re-take the test.

This is a very effective way to become an expert Promap user and show your expertise in the industry. This is highly recommended for young professionals or experienced professionals seeking to advance their knowledge and knowledge is power.