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From valuations to site analysis and planning, we provide the maps & data to suit any piece of work

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Create the perfect planning map. We help you create Site and Location maps, in a Planning Application ready format, in minutes.

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We provide detailed mapping or high resolution aerial imagery, enabling you to accurately report on site location, land use or measure distances.

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We're now available on a Mac and work with any modern browser. Ready to deliver mapping instantly in a range of CAD ready formats.

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Land Analysis

Use the variety of mapping layers and accurate draw & measure tools to analyse a site. Better yet, save it all away to share among the team.

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That's right, we're ready to go when you are. Best of all Promap now works on any modern browser or operating system.

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Customer service when you need it

We're mapping geeks at heart and are always happy to help. Whether you've got a question or a problem, feel free to get in touch.

Save maps to build your own map library

Save all your maps to create your very own mapping archive. Revisit old sites at any time.

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Export your map in the format you need

Our mapping is provided in a range of digital formats. Perfect for use in CAD or GIS.

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Current Mapping

For Planning Applications to Site Analysis, our wide range of current mapping offers everything you need.

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3D models

3D Models

Perfect for site planning, analysis and modelling. Our 3D models will take your project to the next dimension.

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Getmapping aerial

Aerial Photography

Take to the skies to survey your site. Aerial Photography clearly identifies access points, road layout and vegetation.

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Browse Historical Mapping

Historical Mapping

Gain access to the our archive of historical maps. What better way to investigate a boundary dispute than by looking into the past.

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BIM Essentials

BIM Essentials

We can deliver reliable and licenced data to support anyone, from experienced BIM Professionals to those starting out.

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Flood Data

Delve deeper with our flood data to identify any potential flooding risks that may impact your site.

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Consultancy & Client Services

Consultancy & Client Services

Our in-house consults are here to support on anything from redevelopment, flood risk assessments or commercial due diligence.

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Browse Height Data

Height Data

Discover the lay of the land using LiDAR models. Perfect for GIS or CAD software.

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Browse More Data

More Data

That’s not all, check out some of our other datasets from Transport Networks to County Boundaries.

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Browse reports & licences

Reports & Licences

Investigating utilities, flooding and contaminated land? Our reports provide reliable data or risk overviews to help you understand your site.

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