LiDAR Height Data

High accuracy mass capture dataset available in a range of resolutions and formats, including contours, suited to more detailed applications.

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Our LiDAR data is sourced from the Environment Agency, and available as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or Digital Surface Model (DSM).

DSM’s measure the height values of the first surface on the ground. This includes terrain features, buildings, vegetation and power lines etc. DSM’s therefore provide a topographic model of the earth’s surface.

DTM’s provide a topographic model of the bare earth / underlying terrain of the earth’s surface. They are usually derived from DSM’s by digitally removing the cultural (man-made) and vegetation features.

Data Information

DatasetEA LiDAR Height Data
SupplierEnvironment Agency
Update CycleAnnually
Resolution25cm, 50cm, 1m & 2m
Accuracy+/- 0.05 to 0.15m
CoverageEngland & Wales - Pricing reflects coverage on site
Typical Delivery TimeWithin 2 working days

Available now

LiDAR Height Data is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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How can you use LiDAR Height Data

Terrain visualisation

Exactly what it says on the tin, use the LiDAR data to display the land around your project.

Flood modelling

Terrain plays a crucial part in flood modelling, we provide a range of resolutions to ensure you can choose the right data for your model.

Line of sight analysis

Display your design in context with the surrounding terrain, use LiDAR data to get accurate line of sight projections.

Cut and fill analysis

Our high resolution digital terrain models will help you estimate volume of change as part of your analysis.

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