Paper Map Copying Licence

Paper Map Copying Licence

Use the Paper Map Copying Licence to get the most out of OS maps in your organisation.


It’s simple to order your Paper Map Copying Licence, either complete our form by clicking here or call our Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 844 844 9960.

But what is a PMCL?

We work with the Ordnance Survey to ensure that mapping is protected under Crown copyright by virtue of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Copying of mapping can be authorised under different copyright licences depending upon the intended use.

This Licence enables businesses to make unlimited copies of mapping in paper or electronic form (NB not including vector data Exports i.e. OS Detail Mapping taken as a DWG, DXF or GML File; these files are covered under a separate export licence). It is purchased on a per office basis and covers all copying of OS maps by that office irrespective of the number of copies.

By purchasing a PMCL it will allow you to:

  • Copy unlimited amounts of original Ordnance Survey mapping to support your day-to-day administration and operations
  • Make copies of mapping in either paper or electronic form (although further rules apply to making electronic copies – please see the licence text for further details)
  • Include copies of mapping in leaflets, brochures and display on web pages, subject to the rules set out in the licence
  • Use copies of mapping as part of a professional service, subject to the rules set out in the licence
  • Copy all Ordnance Survey mapping in all offices where that business operates, subject to the applicable fee payable for the number of offices
  • Copy mapping based on Ordnance Survey mapping produced by another publisher, subject to obtaining permission to copy the mapping involved directly from that publisher

Available now

Paper Map Copying Licence is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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