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We offer the ability to preview and select individual mapping dates and scales to gain invaluable insight into your site's past.

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Choose from a list of historic Ordnance Survey maps dating all the way back to the 1840s. These maps provide a unique and invaluable record of the past to support any project from environmental analysis to boundary disputes.

You’re able to preview and select specific dates and scales to ensure you recieve the mapping you need. All maps provide 1km2 of historical mapping.

Data Information

DatasetIndividual Historical Map PDF
SupplierOrdnance Survey & Landmark Information Group
Source Scale1:1,250, 1:2,500 and 1:10,560
Typical Delivery Time1-3 minutes

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Individual Historic Maps is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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How can you use Historical Maps

Boundary disputes

Our Historic Maps allow you to select individual years dating back to 1800s to support your analysis.

Previous land use

Suspect an old well on site? Our maps allow you to gain peace of mind by looking back.

Contaminated land analysis

Our historical maps are relied upon by consultant’s across the environmental market to support their assessments.

Look at your home’s past

Just a bit curious in your home’s past? Buy our individual Historic Maps to find out more.

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