Utilities Report

Utilities Report

Dig a little deeper with our comprehensive Utilities Report. Try the Digital Utilities Overview Plan to overlay all plans in a single document.

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The Utilities Report collates plans from utility suppliers enabling you to understand underground service locations relating to your development site including:

  • Gas and oil pipelines;
  • Electricity cables;
  • Telecommunication wires;
  • Mains water supplies;
  • Sewerage;
  • Fibre-optic cables.

A Digital Utilities Overview Plan (DUOP) provides a visual line representation of the information provided in a Utility Report translated onto a single plan.

Data Information

ReportUtilities Report
Update CycleData is sourced individually for every report
Typical Delivery TimeStandard - 20 working days Premium - 10 working days Express - 5 working days DUOP - 20 working days

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Utilities Reports is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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