OS MasterMap

The perfect mapping for planning applications or CAD drawing. OS MasterMap is a most detailed map of Great Britain, covering man-made and natural features.


OS MasterMap is a comprehensive large-scale map, detailing man-made and natural features. It is the approved mapping for planning applications and land registration.

You are able to view and print MasterMap in colour and black & white, or overlay our aerial layer for added context.

MasterMap provides detailed attribute information for every feature on the map, each feature is split into nine themes, these include:

  • Administrative Boundaries;
  • Buildings;
  • Heritage and antiquities;
  • Land;
  • Rail;
  • Roads, tracks and paths;
  • Structures;
  • Terrain and height;
  • Water

There are over 450 million features in MasterMap, each of these is uniquely referenced by the Topographic Indicator (TOID).

Data Information

DatasetOS MasterMap Topography Layer
SupplierOrdnance Survey
Update Cycle6 weekly
Typical Delivery TimeUnder a minute

Available now

OS MasterMap is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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Printable Scales: 1:100 to 1:10,000.

OS MasterMap is captured a 1:1,250 in urban areas, 1:2,500 in rural areas and 1:10,000 in moorland areas.

How can you use OS MasterMap

Planning applications

MasterMap is perfect for create both the location and site plans, required as part of your next planning application.

Site identification

MasterMap provides unparalleled detail about land use to type, to help you find your next development.


When accuracy is top of your list, the detailed attribution and measurements of MasterMap mean it is the only choice.


Available in a variety of CAD ready formats. MasterMap will get your project off to the right start.

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MasterMap Colour Fill Legend

The following table shows the R/G/B values for the area fills on the OS MasterMap 1:1,250 colour view.  

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