BGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility

BGS has produced the first national hazard dataset for groundwater flooding. Based on geological and hydrogeological information, the digital data can be used to identify areas where geological conditions could enable groundwater flooding to occur and where groundwater may come close to the ground surface.

Groundwater flooding can be as a result of high groundwater levels and intense storms and can result in significant social and economic disruption due to it lasting longer than river flooding.

The susceptibility data is useful in regional or national planning purposes where the groundwater flooding information will be used along with a range of other relevant information to inform land-use planning decisions.

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
Identify land susceptibile to groundwater accumulation
Flood risk assessments

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DatasetBGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility
Dataset NameBGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility
SupplierBritish Geological Survey
Update CycleAnnually
Source Scale50m cells
Typical Delivery Time2 mins



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