EA Flood Map


The Environment Agency's Flood Map shows 2 different kind of areas:

  • Area that could be flooded from the sea with a 1 in 200 or greater chance of happening or by rivers within a 1 in 100 greater chance of happening per year (known as Flood Zone 3 for planning in England);
  • Area that shows the additional extent that could be flooded in an extreme flood event. These outlying areas are likely to be affected by a major flood, with up to a 0.1 per cent (1 in 1000) chance of occurring each year (know as Flood Zone 2 for planning in England)

Additional data supplied includes the Environment Agency's Areas Benefitting from Flood Defences which describes those areas benefiting from the flood defences shown in a 1% chance of fluvial or 0.5% chance of tidal flood event.

Flood Water Storage Areas that show the natural flood plain area that could be affected in the event of flooding from rivers and the sea are also provided.

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
Confirm Flood Zone proximity for planning
Flood risk assessments
Flood modelling

 Data Formats

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Map Type Files

DatasetEA Flood Data
SupplierEnvironment Agency
Update CycleQuarterly
CoverageEngland & Wales
Source Scale5m cells
Typical Delivery Time2 mins



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