National Flood Risk Assessment (RoFRS)

The National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) provides an indication of flood risk at a national level. The data has been created by calculating the likelihood of flooding to areas of land within the flood plain of an extreme flood (1 in 1000 chance in any year).

The method considers the probability that the flood defences will overtop or breach.

An assessment of the data enables a comparison of the relative risks and their distribution within each catchment rather than a detailed, local assessment of the risk at a specific location.

Common Uses Data Samples Data Information
High Level flood risk analysis
Complementary flooding dataset to support modelling

Data Formats

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DatasetEA National Flood Risk Assessment
Dataset NameNational Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA)
SupplierEnvironment Agency
Update CycleAnnually
CoverageEngland & Wales
Source Scale5m cells
Typical Delivery Time1 min



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