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Nick Mills
National Training Manager, Landmark Information

As the National Training Manager for Landmark Information Group, I am responsible for the delivery of all the varied training courses we offer to our clients. This role sees me delivering Online or In-House Events at our offices in Reading or visiting our clients directly to deliver On Site training.

As well as delivering the training I am also involved in writing our user guides and training documentation and helping with the testing of the system due to my knowledge and experience of the product.

I particularly enjoy training Landmark products as I have great belief in the products themselves and the people behind it - always easier to train something you believe in!

I have been delivering training for more than a decade now, I currently hold a Masters Diploma in Learning and Development as well as the following Diploma's and Certificate's in Training (via the Trainers Accreditation Program (TAP). I am also a Gold Accredited Learning and Development Professional and Fellow of the British Institute of Learning and Development (BILD):


  • TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation
  • TAP Certificate in Theoretical Basis of Learning
  • TAP Certificate on Learner Engagement
  • TAP Certificate in Facilitation Skills
  • TAP Certificate in Training Needs Analysis
  • TAP Diploma in Learning Design
  • TAP Certificate in Delivery Skills
  • TAP Certificate in Training Design & Development
  • TAP Certificate in e-Learning Design
  • BCS Level 1 Certificate for IT Users (ECDL Part 1)
  • BCS Level 2 Certificate for IT Users (ECDL Part 2)
  • TAP Masters Diploma in Learning & Development


Promap offers a wide variety of training courses to suit all abilities, from those new to Promap to everyday users. Our training experts will tailor any training course to your requirements to ensure it is a beneficial as possible.

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