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    Building Information Modelling (BIM) uses information rich models and collaborative working to deliver quality data at the design and construction stage of a project

What is BIM and how does it all work?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working underpinned by digital technologies, shared information models and reliable and licenced data.

For those who are fully immersed in the principals of BIM Level 2 or if you’re a practice venturing into the world of BIM for the first time, Landmark is able to provide a range of key datasets to assist with your project.

The data, which includes OS Vector Mapping, 3D models, height and terrain models and planning information amongst others, is regularly updated to ensure accurate baselines for your analysis and is available in a variety of formats to best suit your software needs.

Our data is fully licenced to allow collaborative working between all the parties involved during the project life cycle and to ensure you are all compliant with the licencing requirements.

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What features are available?

A wide range of datasets to access at your fingertips

Landmark can provide all the up-front data you’ll need to complete your BIM Level 2 ready model Including accurate 3D visualisation models, up to date digital mapping, terrain and height models for context and many more


Fully licenced for full collaboration:

All the data Landmark provides is fully licenced for use across your whole project team. The project based licences are available in a number of time periods so you can be sure you are fully compliant and working collaboratively

Further Education and Support

As partners of RIBA we are able to provide CPD pointed content to help support your data needs. As the education partner of BRE, we can help you access their BIM @ BRE assessment centre to improve your knowledge and gain further qualifications on the subject.


Multiple Format Options:

Whatever the design software of choice for your BIM projects, we can find the format for data that you and your partners can easily share and work with.

BIM Data Samples

OS Mapping

As the premium partner of OS we can deliver instant up to date and accurate OS vector mapping in a number of formats to aid your BIM Level 2 plans.

Download OS Sample


3D Visualisation Models

Promap offers 3D models from a range of suppliers to suit a variety of applications and budgets. Sites located in major towns and cities can be delivered within minutes of ordering.

Download 3D Sample

Height and Terrain Models

To compliment your designs, Promap gives you access to a range of Building heights and terrain models that can give you the true picture of the site you are designing.

Download Terrain Model


Planning Applications

Landmark’s unique partnerships allow us to provide current and historic planning information meaning you can check precedents or impending planning applications within the vicinity of your site.

Promap IQ Planning

BIM Education and Support

Many of our partners offer further educational support and guidance on BIM from Level 0 through to 4D BIM and beyond. We have selected some of our clients recommended courses that may be useful in your BIM journey.

BRE Courses

We have partnered with the BRE academy to give you access to BIM related qualifications to help drive your career and your business forward.

BRE are delivering high quality conferences, certification and training to support the industry achieve BIM Level 2, as well as leading the UK in BIM related research.

BRE has proven expertise in delivering BIM for built-environment professionals with industry leading BIM practitioners developing and delivering the courses.

BRE Academy site



Landmark are accredited to deliver CPD content to RIBA members. Our sessions are a mix of industry information, how data is captured and delivered and practical examples and samples of its uses.

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For those starting their BIM journey this course covers what is BIM, what it means to the industry, UK Government strategy, and how to effectively address the BIM challenge.

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