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PointX Points of Interest

The data provides location details of businesses, leisure sites and geographic features in Great Britain (GB) known as Points of Interest (POI)

PointX Points of Interest

Post 1997 Planning Applications

Planning applications submitted to local authorities through Great Britain.

Browse Post 1997 Planning Applications

Land Use Constraints Data

Areas that may limit the extent and type of property development that can take place.

Browse Land Use Constraints Data

Areas of Adopted Green Belt

Identify specific land use designations with this data.

Browse Areas of Adopted Green Belt

Local Development Plans

Identify protected and designated areas within Local Plan.

Browse Local Development Plans


A simple way to search, view, interact and gather crucial property and planning information.

Browse PromapIQ

BGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility

National hazard dataset for groundwater flooding.

Browse BGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility

BGS Geological Indicators of Flooding

Areas most vulnerable to two types of flooding, inland (river floodplains) and coastal / estuarine.

Browse BGS Geological Indicators of Flooding

Historic Flood Events

A look into the historical flood events of the past to understand any risks in the present.

Browse Historic Flood Events

Source Protection Zones (SPZ)

These zones show the risk of contamination from any activities that might cause pollution in the area.

Browse Source Protection Zones

National Flood Risk Assessment (RoFRS)

Flood data covering the liklihood of flooding during an extreme flood.

Browse Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Seas (RoFRS)

Historical Map Packs (PDF)

Gain access to our entire archive of Historic Maps. What better way to investigate a site than to consider its past.

Browse Historical Map Packs (PDF)

Historical Building Plans

Produced by Charles E Goad Ltd between 1886 and 1970 at a scale of approximately 1:500, covering 54 towns and cities across the UK.

Browse Historical Building Plans

Historical Map Packs for GIS

Gain access to our historical map archive and purchase these maps in GIS friendly formats.

Browse Historical Map Packs for GIS

Historical Aerial Photography

Post WWII aerial photography, flown by the Royal Air Force, these historical aerials provide crucial information between 1944 and 1951.

Browse Historical Aerial Photography

UKMap London Aerial Photography

High resolution London aerial photography available at a range of resolutions.

Browse UKMap London Aerial Photography

UKMap 3D Data Bundle

3D models available for Greater London, delivered in minutes.

Browse UKMap 3D Data Bundle

UKMap Detail

An alternative large-scale mapping layer for London.

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