Historical Map Packs (PDF)

Our Historical Map Packs supplied provide our widest range of Historical Mapping for the site specified.

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The market leading Envirocheck Historical Map pack provide the most comprehensive Historical Map pack available and contain:

  • County Series c.1843 to c.1948; 1:2,500 & 1:10,560.
  • National Grid Series c.1950 to c.1995; 1:1,250, 1:2,500 & 1:10,000.
  • SIMs, SUSIs & Large-Scale National Grid Data (Superplans) c.1947 to c.1998; 1:1,250 & 1:2,500 – 443,477 more maps available than any other online provider.
  • Historical Town Plans c.1848 to c.1910; 1:500, 1:528, 1:1,056, 1:2,640 and 1:5,280
  • Historical Building Plans c.1886 to c.1970; approximate scale 1:500
  • Russian Military Mapping c.1950 to c.1997; 1:5,000, 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 – Russian spy maps of the UK produced by the KGB during the Cold War, covering 103 UK towns and cities and showing features not present on Ordnance Survey maps including extra quarries, pits, military features and warehouses.
  • Historical Aerial Photographs c.1944 to c.1951; 1:1,250 and 1:10,560.

Data Information

Dataset Historical Map Packs (PDF)
Supplier Ordnance Survey & Landmark Information Group
Coverage GB
Typical Delivery Time 15 minutes

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