Post 1997 Planning Applications

Planning applications submitted to local authorities through Great Britain.

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Planning applications for planning permission submitted to local authorities throughout Great Britain via local authority weekly planning lists.

  • The data includes large, small and minor applications which are split on the basis of estimated project value. Small applications have a value of less than £100,000.
  • Minor applications cover very small works, for example conservatories, car ports and signs.

Decisions are tracked for large applications but information may not be available for older applications dated before October 2006.

In addition to formal planning applications this data set also includes records of potential projects gathered from trade publications, tender requests and other available sources.

There is a processing delay of approximately six weeks between applications being lodged with the local authority and the information being available within the data set.

This data is best suited for use within GIS software

Data Information

Dataset Planning Application Barbour ABI
Supplier Barbour ABI
Update Cycle 6-weekly
Coverage GB
Typical Delivery Time 1 hour

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