A simple way to search, view, interact and gather crucial property and planning information.

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Promap IQ provides all historical and current planning-related activity prior to conducting a full analysis, which can be instantly downloaded to desktops.

It can save you minutes, hours or even days and is the ideal starting point to source:

  • Planning applications
  • Points of interest
  • Listed buildings

Planning Applications

All the details of applications can be accessed, including application number, type, date, decision, size, address and applicant name.

It also provides the relevant Local Authority for your site and a direct link to the local plan and online application search page.

Points of Interest

PromapIQ has access to nearly 4 million points of interest. Points of interest are features that people may wish to visit or locate.

Listed Buildings

PromapIQ has access to all 380,000 Listed Buildings for England including their type (Grade I, Grade II and II*), name and address.

Data Information

Dataset Planning Applications
Supplier Barbour API
Update Cycle Weekly
Coverage GB
Dataset Points of Interest
Supplier PointX
Update Cycle Every 3 months
Coverage GB
Dataset Listed Buildings
Supplier English Heritage
Update Cycle Every 6 months
Coverage GB

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PromapIQ is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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