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Gather all the information that may impact your development at the touch of a button.

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Simplify and accelerate the way you assess potential development sites, with essential information available at your fingertips. Created using your feedback, LandSearch pieces together all the information for you that may impact on your development, saving you time to do what you do best.

Use this report to understand:

  • Local policy designations;
  • Planning applications;
  • Ownership;
  • Land constraints;
  • Local amenities;

LandSearch is perfect for any party interested in unlocking the development potential of a site at an early stage. If you want to realise opportunities, assess development constraints, or simply communicate potential to the market, this is the report for you. All of the data is simple to view, easy to understand and accessible at the touch of a button via our new and unique online viewer.

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CoverageEngland & Wales
Typical Delivery Time1 hour

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LandSearch is ready in a range suitable formats within minutes.

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How can you use LandSearch?

Discover development potential

LandSearch is the perfect partner when assessing a site. Covering a range of topics, you won't find a more thorough report on the market.

EIA Scoping

Need to assess impacts across multiple EIA chapters. LandSearch provides a great starting point.

Planning review

Our planning application data provides an instant overview into likely planning conditions in your location.

Ownership queries

Our LandSearch report includes information relating to commercial property ownership.

Browse Utilities Report

Utilities Report

Know what’s underground with our comprehensive Utilities Report.

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Browse Contamined Land Consultancy

Contamined Land Consultancy

Our contaminated land planning services are designed to support landowners, developers and other professional advisers through the planning process.

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Flood Risk Consultancy

Undertaking planning, if you're in a flood area, you a likely to require a Flood Risk Assessment.

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Browse Transactional Due-Diligence

Transactional Due-Diligence

We have developed a unique service to provide cost-effective risk assessment for large residential or commercial property portfolio transactions.

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