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Boost Your Career in the Property Sector with Promap’s Accreditation Programme – Free Training Webinars and Certification

The gross value added to the real estate sector in the UK was 264.2 billion British pounds in 2021. This made the sector the biggest in the UK economy and it resulted in 551,000 people being employed according to Statista. 

If you want to stand out as a professional in such a competitive industry and stay up to date with the technological trends you need to be educating yourself constantly. By engaging in continuing professional development (CPD), you’ll ensure that neither your academic nor your practical qualifications will become obsolete. 

At Promap, part of Landmark Information Group, we understand the necessity for this. In our efforts to keep the skills and knowledge of property professionals current, we have been running a training programme for over 20 years. 

The Promap Training Programme 

We offer remote online training, which is perfect for one-to-one training sessions although it can easily be adapted for larger groups. Our training – both face to face and remote – is organised and delivered by our national training manager, Nick Mills.  

Our training programme and webinars are all free. To find more information please click here. 

Our Course Outline is: 

  • Introduction and accessing the system 
  • Navigating the entry screen
  • Locating Sites 
  • Viewable layers 
  • Saving Maps 
  • Previously Saved Maps 
  • Print Journey 
  • Export journey
  • Reports Journey

As Promap is the leading partner with Ordnance Survey, there is a need in the market for trained and experienced Promap users. To add yet another level in our training programme, we have decided to launch our Promap accreditation programme starting March 2024.

The Promap Accreditation Programme 

If you want to become Promap accredited, you will be required to watch the following four Promap educational training videos in one calendar month: 

  • Introduction to Promap 
  • Promap Advanced Drawing and Measuring Tools 
  • Promap Viewable Data Layers 
  • Promap Reports 

Once you have watched these four videos, you will be given the option to take a test and if you score 70% or more, you will receive your Promap certificate and badge to showcase your knowledge on your CV and LinkedIn account. 

To find more information about the Promap accreditation programme, please click here

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