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Customer Success Update: ‘Maximising the value of your data investment’ 

At the Geodata Quarterly Summit in February, Landmark Geodata Senior Customer Success Consultant, Gillian Oakley, provided an update on the successful outcomes achieved by our customers within our business. The session also featured an insightful conversation between Gillian and Krystina Aldcroft, Team Secretary, PA for commercial, residential and student valuations at Cushman and Wakefield, on how we have supported their business both from a corporate and business level.

Gillian begins the session by providing an insight into how we work in customer success at Landmark Geodata. She emphasized on two key areas: education and engagement., These elements play a vital role in ensuring that we comprehend our customers’ needs and challenges, thereby facilitating their achievement of set objectives. Speaking on the importance of customer feedback to us, Gillian highlighted some recent positive feedback on our users’ experiences with the recent Promap updates to print, export and the mapping layers, which noted how easy and simple to use the interface is.

Engaging in a conversation with Krystina, Gillian sought her perspective on utilising Promap and how it has proven beneficial to her and her work.

How important is it for you to have a mapping software that works easily and quickly?

“Quite a lot of the time we are doing a huge portfolio. We could be doing a portfolio of 30,40, 50 properties and we need to be able to do a Promap for all of them. So, for me, I want to be able to go in and get the Promap and get it sorted as soon as possible, as quickly as possible, and being able to be part of the process and getting a product that works, that you don’t have to know the ins and outs of where everything is kept, and just be able to get into it is fantastic.”

Out of all of the features that we’ve upgraded, what’s your favourite?

“Title fill. Title fill has become one of my best friends. Being able to go onto the system and click a site and it to give you what is Land Registry title plan and fill it and not have to go round the boundary is amazing. “

Would you recommend anybody taking part in the Promap early access programme?

“Definitely. It gives you a sense of being able to do something worthwhile, and not only is it helping you guys, but it’s helping us as Cushman and Wakefield to get a product that works for us 100%”

What do you feel about having your own dedicated client success consultant?

“It’s nice just to be able to speak to someone that you know is going to be able to give you the answer or if doesn’t know the answer, go and find it.”

If anybody was thinking about choosing a digital mapping partner, what would you say to them if they’re thinking about choosing Promap?

“Promap. It does everything you need, and I think it’s the fact that it’s not just Promap, it’s so many other the bits bolted on to the product as well. It might be something that you’re not sure what Promap includes, what Landmark includes. Go and ask them.”

Stepping up at the end, Alex Wrottesley, Managing Director of Landmark Geodata, confirms the message that was illuminated within Gillian and Krystina’s conversation “It so much a part of what we are trying to do, is actually really engage our customers in what we do.”



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Article originally published bt Landmark Information Group.