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Data insights – Helping property professionals make informed decisions at every stage

Our new data insights series looks at ways the latest addition to Promap, Premium Layers supports property professionals. These data insights highlight some key scenarios to illustrate how Promap Premium Layers can provide you with crucial information. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll ultimately save hours trawling through various websites.  

In this scenario, we follow a property professional who needs to make a tough decision on a site. Here’s how he used Promap Premium Layers to determine if the project was viable. 


Use different data layers to give you a clearer picture

I’ve been asked to find a site for a commercial real estate property in Berkshire. There are a couple of places I’ve had on my radar, so I went on Promap to take a closer look.

I checked out one place. And, by checking the local data category of Promap Premium Layers, I’ve found out it’s an area of core employment. That can go either way, but when I overlaid planning applications, I saw there were no planned developments.

But you really need to come away with a clear picture, and not get too hopeful too soon. So, next, I checked for any potential constraints that would drive up costs or add complications to the planning process. This takes minutes and really adds meat to the bone of my proposal.

So, it looks good. I’ve just done a quick check on ownership and got the land registry title and the owner’s name. Now, I know who to get in touch with for my next steps.

When I think of the work that would have gone into getting this data before, and how committed and pressured I would already feel at this stage, this is game-changing for me.

Real estate opportunity - Promap v2


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