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Data insights – How an architect can efficiently quote for a design in central London

Our new data insights series looks at ways the latest addition to Promap v2, Promap Premium Layers supports property professionals. These data insights highlight some key scenarios to illustrate how Promap Premium Layers can provide you with crucial information. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll ultimately save hours trawling through various websites.

In this scenario, we follow an architect who needs to deliver an accurate and competitive quote. Here’s how he used Promap Premium Layers to identify risks and constraints he might otherwise have missed.


There is so much data about London, it’s an architect’s dream

I’m new to London and only qualified as an architect in 2017, so I still need to make a good impression on my boss. All those late nights and coffees must have been paying off because last week he gave me a big opportunity to quote for a design on a central London property. I really need to impress him with an accurate and competitive quote.

Moving into the new decade, I am more aware than ever that the role of the architect is changing, and you’ve got to be a bit more tech-savvy than ever. You have to take advantage of all the improvements in land data to stay afloat, never mind get ahead, so I use Promap.

For this project, I identified the property is grade 2 listed and within 50m of a listed lamppost. I got this information in minutes, but it’s vital because I need to take it into account during the planning process. It’ll all effect the quote, because, as a building of special interest, it’ll require listed building consent from the local planning authority. Because this is true whether planning permission is needed or not, it’s important to know.

Unfortunately, the property is only accessible via a single-track road. That’s something I need to take into consideration for any proposed designs. It’s a pain, but I’m glad I found it. The last thing you want is for someone else to spot it, so you lose the project. But what’s worse is when no-one spots it. You win the project and a few months later you’re explaining why the whole project is being held up because of it.

Now I know I have to investigate this application a little more to make sure I avoid any pitfalls during my application. It looks hopeful, this project could be a winner after all!

Promap Premium Layers - listed building


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