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Data insights – How easy access data helps surveyors complete valuations quicker

Our new data insights series looks at ways the latest addition to Promap v2, Promap Premium Layers supports property professionals. These data insights highlight some key scenarios to illustrate how Promap Premium Layers can provide you with crucial information. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll ultimately save hours trawling through various websites.

In this scenario, a surveyor has been asked to complete an urgent valuation. Here’s how he used Promap Premium Layers to research and put a valuation together in minutes. 


How to spend 3 hours in London

If you find yourself in London for 3 hours, and you time it right, you can take some photos of Westminster Abbey and Number 10, admire Big Ben, watch the changing of the guard, climb the lions in Trafalgar Square, and even squeeze in a sandwich.

But, what can you do in 3 hours as a surveyor based in London? Check local planning applications. No time for a sandwich.

I’m based in London, the city where everyone wants everything yesterday. And I’ve been asked to complete a valuation of a real estate asset in one of London’s urban areas. They want a response ASAP.

I could spend hours going through local planning application, some of which may even still be in paper format. And, in fact, I did until quite recently.

Trying to find a way to save time on these tedious admin jobs, I tried Promap. I type in the address and select applications as appropriate to highlight anything that could impact my valuation.

I can also review local property sold prices over the years for a comparison of market change and potential current pricing for similar properties.

I can put together my valuation in a fraction of the time it used to take me and get it back to my new client faster than they expected.

I’m still not scrambling over the lions in Trafalgar Square, but I do have time for that sandwich.

Promap Premium Layers quicker planning


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