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Discover How ArchAI is De-Risking Land Development with Geospatial Data | A 90 sec interview with Iris Kramer

In this video, watch  Alex Wrottesley, Managing Director of Landmark GeoData, interviewing Iris Kramer, CEO and founder of ArchAI. The video highlights the role that geospatial data plays in business and emerging trends. ArchAI is a start-up that is de-risking land development and construction by reducing the unknown risks of archaeology.

Archaeology is a significant unknown risk that can take six to 24 months to reach high accuracy and involve costly excavations. ArchAI is developing accurate national maps of historic features that are instantly available. This reduces time and cost from the earliest planning stages. The Forestry Commission is already using ArchAI’s datasets to inform the suitability of new woodland proposals.

ArchAI’s technology can detect patterns in the field, such as medieval ridge and furrow. They found that about 3% of the country is covered with archaeological sites, which can change in protected status depending on the dating and preservation of the object.

The application of computer vision and AI can also extend beyond archaeology to geology, biodiversity, mapping trees and tree health, looking at change detection and monitoring site. The video showcases the wide opportunities of this technology.

Don’t miss out on the chance to discover how geospatial data can benefit your business. Gain valuable insights from this informative discussion, which sheds light on the crucial role of geospatial data in minimizing the unknown risks of archaeology and the vast potential of computer vision and AI across different industries. Watch the video now!


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Article originally published by Landmark Information Group.