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Don’t just take our word for it…

Promap is used by over 9,000 users every single month, as the industry standard for all mapping data requirements. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve spoken to a cross section of our customers from several different industries to get their views on Promap.

“Since working with The Clancy Group, I’ve been using Promap to access the location data we need for our traffic management projects.   In Promap, it is easy to access the OS maps that we use for detailed overhead drawings of the overall set-up and road closure details.  We can access maps of all scales, so can view everything from the very minor roads, up to much broader area views.  We export the maps from Promap into our BricsCAD software for use and it’s all very quick and easy to do; the simplicity of the whole thing is a real plus point.  Plus, I can easily see the costs of each map I need – when you adjust the size of the map, the price updates in real-time so you know exactly what each data layer costs, which is a useful feature.”

Marcus Boland, Traffic Systems TM Drawings Supervisor, Clancy Traffic Management

“I’ve been personally using Promap for around 12 years, but have been with Bloor Homes for the past nine years.  I always access my OS maps from Promap – I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere.  We use the maps as a basis for the start of a new project – site assessment, feasibility testing, design and surveys, as well as the planning application process.  Promap does exactly what we need it to do; it is our platform of choice.”

Jason Evans, Engineer, Bloor Homes

“I’ve worked in the housebuilding industry for over 20 years and Promap has always been a service that I’ve used.  Back then I was based in Urmston and we had to travel to Waterstones on Deansgate in Manchester City Centre to pick up the physical OS maps or CDs. Now of course it’s all online.

Here at Astle Planning & Design Ltd, we masterplan projects throughout the country. Specific site information is often unavailable at the very early stage we get involved and as such the ability to get a detailed OS plan from Promap is invaluable.

Promap makes our lives easier and assists us in delivering our projects on time with a high degree of accuracy. Promap was there when I started my career and today we continue to rely on Promap at APD for all our mapping needs; it simply does what we need it to do.”

James Narsai-Latham, Urban Designer, Astle Planning

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