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Expert Insights on Geodata Management, Sustainability, and Industry Change: A 90 Seconds interview with…Natalie Stirrat

Alex Wrottesley, Managing Director of Landmark Geodata starts this series of micro-interviews probing the minds of experts on key issues of the day – in 90 seconds.

In this first edition, Alex is talking to Natalie Stirrat, Associate Technical Director for Geospatial at Arcadis.

Alex asks Natalie to consider:

  • What needs to be done to ensure geodata stays focused on the client?
  • What are the biggest driving forces creating change in the environmental industry?
  • What is happening overseas that could benefit the UK?

Natalie discusses the relationship between sustainability, data management and how they relate to geospatial data and the industry as a whole.

Natalie also touches on the idea that, while data might be created for a specific purpose, it will evolve as time passes, which adds new urgency to the idea that each dataset must be fit for purpose across its entire lifecycle.

Take 3 minutes now to find out what Natalie thinks and how she and Arcadis are taking their global insights and bringing them into the UK’s domestic market.

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Article originally published by Landmark Information Group.