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Get a fast turnaround on data to support land surveys

We can supply fast and accurate LiDAR data to improve the way you bid for projects

Promap has been looking at ways to help surveyors, architects and other land and property professionals become more efficient and increase their chances of successful project outcomes.

We believe the LiDAR data we supply through a quick-click Promap process is one of the most underrated ways we help.

To draw attention to this service – which means you can start exploring the potential of sites within the hour in most cases – we’ve put together a short blog series.


Utilising LiDAR data to create simulated environments in hours, not weeks

Our LiDAR data is available as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or Digital Surface Model (DSM).

This information is vital to assessing a site, whether you are a town planner or looking at developing or redeveloping a more rural area.

DSM’s provide a topographic model of the earth’s surface. They measure the height values of the first surface on the ground. This includes terrain features, buildings, vegetation and power lines etc.

DTM’s provide a topographic model of the bare earth. Such models are usually derived from DSM’s by digitally removing man-made and vegetation features.


What makes Promap’s DTM and DSM data special?

Traditionally, transforming this data into a usable format could take hours.

We’ve done the geolocation for you. So now you get the perfect fit. Gain speed without losing accuracy.

  • Start investigating new sites immediately
  • No need to wait two weeks for the topographic survey
  • Quick access to height data to assess any drainage and flood ramifications
  • Quickly ascertain if critical infrastructure like powerlines are present

In addition,

  • Inability to visit the site does not affect access to the information
  • Work with data accuracy of +/-5 cm to 15 cm
  • One upfront cost for more accurate budgeting – no additional disbursement fees
  • We digitise the plans for you or offer multiple download formats for your convenience


If you would like to explore projects fully without waiting weeks for the topographic survey, and need access to DTM and DSM data, we’ll help you explore the constraints, risks and opportunities of your new site straight away.

Download a sample report to see what we mean and start planning how immediate access to LiDAR data will give you a head start with project decision making.