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Gridlines and more new Promap v2 features

As part of our commitment to continually enhance Promap v2 to meet your requirements, here are some more great new features we’ve recently added.

Add gridlines to your maps
You can now add gridlines when viewing MasterMap. Not only does this enable you to gauge sizes and distances at a glance, but it’s easier to purchase the exact amount of mapping required and line up grid references if you’re using CAD. Simply go to ‘admin tools’ within ‘my settings’ and switch on gridlines. In order to replicate Ordnance Survey tiles, select 100m intervals. For National Grid Reference, select 500m. Job done.

Print A1-sized maps
Put away that magnifying glass; you can now print out massive A1-sized maps. They take a couple of minutes to process due to the data required, which we’ve found is just enough time to make a cuppa. Still not big enough? A0 is coming soon.

No more re-entering payment references
You told us that you were having to enter your payment references too often. We listened. Once you’ve entered your project references and purchase order number once, they will now be remembered for the rest of your session.

More flexible headers and footers
You asked for more options when creating headers and footers, so we’ve given you the ability to add smaller text sizes and even cut and paste within Print Preview.

Add additional info
When you get to the print preview stage, wouldn’t it be handy to add in a few bits of extra info? Now you can with our more detailed template.

Head over to today to try out the new features for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed. Want us to talk you through it? Simply sign up for one of our regular Introduction to Promap v2 webinars. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with all the latest enhancements.