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How to thrive in the changing landscape of data

Data: Too much of a good thing? Or just too hard to find?

The expanding volume of data is causing problems. Companies are struggling to efficiently collate and manage data.

Surveyors, developers and architects are spending more and more time on admin. You now have to spend hours sifting through local authority and planning websites for those crucial nuggets of information that could impact your site.

Yet, presenting a well thought out project overview with a wealth of relevant and reliable information is the best way to win new clients.


How much time do you waste on multiple websites for just one project?

Do you spend hours trawling local authority and planning websites searching for vital information? No business can hope to be successful in 2020 if it’s held back by data restrictions.

Easily accessible, up to date and reliable data clears a path to the best projects. Inaccurate or old data at best wastes time, at worst jeopardises a project.

The sort of data you want should quickly and easily help you:

  • Find out reasons for past rejection and decide if the project is viable
  • Find out why other projects were successful and use this to strategically position your proposal
  • Understand market conditions using planning application and price paid data surrounding your site
  • Weigh up constraints data to develop a deeper understanding of the site

In addition, you should be able to:

  • Use data to present powerful proposals and win more work
  • Advise clients about risks upfront
  • Budget more accurately and manage client expectations
  • Prepare quotes and complete projects quicker


Where to find reliable data quickly and in one place

Rather than trawling through numerous sites for various bits of information, it makes sense to get your maps and data in the same place. Promap is one such platform where all relevant data for a site can be obtained, assessed and presented to clients.

Really, the most pressing issues are making sure the data is accurate and up to date, and you are fully licenced to use it. Platforms like Promap v2 have been designed with this in mind.

We find clients want to get accurate data in less time and avoid the minefield of licencing issues that can surround sharing data within a team.


What are the solutions to time-consuming data research?

You are an expert in your field, and to produce the best work you need to collaborate with the best. It makes sense the best solution to managing data is to work with experts in data management.

The easiest and most cost-effective way of doing this is by using a platform that brings together everything you need for successful data acquisition, exploration and presentation.

  • One system where you can access all the data relevant to your site
  • A way of previewing risk and constraints and sharing this with clients

Promap is always adding new features to make it more valuable to the experts we work with. We’ve already added three free data layers:

  • Flooding
  • Ownership
  • Land Use Designation

But now it’s time to expand our offering.


How to find the best data and win more work

We’re adding another 8 layers within Promap Premium Layers to help provide all the information you need to thoroughly view and vet a new site. Having powerful data at your fingertips allows you to make more informed decisions around accepting projects and helping clients do the same. All our data is up to date, highly accurate and fully licenced.

  • Planning applications
  • Personal ownership titles
  • Property sold prices
  • Development Constraints
  • OS Mastermap Highways


Promap Premium Layers can solve the data overload problem. Click below to organise a demo to see for yourself how you can get more accurate information, in a straightforward and cost-effective way. Sign-up now and you can also get Premium Layers for FREE until the end of July.

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