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Landmark products now incorporate daily planning data updates

Understanding nearby planning applications that may affect a property transaction is a critical due diligence activity. But with more than 700, 000 applications estimated to have been submitted in England and Wales in 2021 – equal to an average monthly rate of more than 58, 000 applications – it’s important to get the latest data. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Landmark products now incorporate daily updates to the planning data to provide the most current view of planning across Great Britain. 

Customers can access the latest application data in products such as Promap Premium Layers and Landmark Planning reports. As a result, they can be sure that data is accurate, up-to-date and – thanks to our rigorous daily QA data management process, carried out by our specialist data teams – of the highest quality. In turn, customers can be aware of potential development risks at the earliest opportunity and make more informed decisions as a result. 

This development update signals our commitment to providing the best possible data to customers across the property value chain, in the most meaningful ways. A further example of this is in our move to include data polygons for large planning applications (when available from the local authority), which enables users to instantly visualise the scale and potential impact of development risks on a site plan.