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Planning Alerts | New Service

Landmark is pleased to be offering its new planning alerts service, devised to give you timely notifications of the planning activity around your site. Designed with asset managers, property owners, land buyers and any property professional who tracks assets in mind, the planning alerts system delivers live alerts of planning application submission direct to your inbox.

How it works

Landmark’s comprehensive planning database covers a range of applications from small residential holdings right up to significant national infrastructure projects. With daily updates to this database, the alerts system can take your asset area and give you regular updates of new planning submissions so you can alter your plans, place a timely objection and get an idea of the developing landscape.

Current users of Landmark’s planning alerts are using it to:

  • track upcoming planning applications alongside the linear route of major construction projects,
  • monitor the use of land around owned assets,
  • see precedents set from local authorities
  • and build the full planning picture of a site by adding to Landmark’s historical planning application data.

The service is available for an affordable subscription and allows the user to set the criteria for applications and the area sought to give you a valuable and dynamic planning tracking service for your assets.

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