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Promap Premium Layers – more data, better results

To conduct a thorough site evaluation, you need the best possible intelligence, details you can trust, covering your site and beyond while using the best available sources. Promap Premium Layers will save you time and money by providing all of that data as standard, instantly online.

Site searches are time-consuming. It can take hours to gather all the information you need for a top-quality report, and the more you search, the more likely it is that a variety of data sources will lead to inconsistency. That makes everything twice as hard as it needs to be.

Promap Premium Layers solves this problem. We’ve listened carefully to customer feedback about search areas and the types of data that are essential for undertaking site appraisals. As a result, Promap Premium Layers now provides instant access to more information. Accurate, up-to-date quality and quantity as standard – more data, no extra cost.

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Land Use Designation Data now present to 1,000 from site

Making your life easier

Instead of trawling dozens of different websites, Promap Premium Layers brings everything you need together in one place. The essential information needed for high quality feasibility studies, for valuations, and for all kinds of survey and site-specific work in the conveyancing cycle.

In just a few clicks, you will see how planning applications, environment intelligence, listed status and ownership information may impact the site you’re interested in, without wasting time on multiple searches. This means:

  • Less time spent doing multiple, wide area searches
  • Total confidence for you and your clients in data accuracy
  • Fewer data suppliers mean savings in time and money
  • Enabling better quality, more insightful reporting overall

Customers have also told us how important it is to access this data in a format that makes it usable in writing reports. We make life easier all round, by allowing you to export all or some of the detail to a simple csv. file. That includes key references to original sources, such as hyperlinks to planning applications with associated plans and documents.


Increased search radius for commercial planning applications

Guaranteeing flexibility and accuracy

We believe in keeping things simple. Every one of your user licences will give you unlimited access to Promap Premium Layers. These enhancements are all included at no extra cost.

What we’d like to do next, is offer you a consultation to make sure you’re not missing opportunities to derive maximum value from the product. If you’d like to know more about data sources, access, or the detail that are now included, please book a consultation with us direct.

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“Trawling through the council websites for planning and flooding information is a real pain. But I really like two of these new layers in Promap Premium Layers – they’re so easy to use, they make Promap stand out as the first place to go for this information. It saves me loads of time.” ~ JAMES DAY, HAMPTONS