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Promap QuickPrint – Cut time, not corners

You told us you wanted an option to create and print maps with fewer clicks

The amount of data you can layer over a map is extensive, and surveyors are perfectionists who always want a bit more detail and accuracy.

And although that helps you provide the most professional service to your customers it shouldn’t slow down your workflow.

Sometimes you just want to create the map and go.

Because our customers told us they wanted a streamlined way of creating and printing a simple map, we’ve developed QuickPrint.

You can now create and print your map in just 5 steps when using the new QuickPrint toggle.

Go from creation to print in just 5 steps:

  • Choose your map
  • Choose the map size
  • Draw Site
  • Hit next to head to print preview
  • Buy

That’s it.

You still get the same, accurate, high-quality map, and there’s no extra charge.

Of course, with Promap, you still have that added benefit, when you need those additional features, they’re still there. Just toggle them back on and continue with the standard workflow.

We hope this additional flexibility will allow you to keep offering your clients a great service while maximizing your time.

This is just one of the recent enhancements made to make Promap right for you, directly from the feedback you’ve told us.


Tailor Promap to suit your needs

Each project you undertake will have different requirements, so it makes sense you need the tools you use to be flexible. QuickPrint is the latest way we’re adding that flexibility to Promap to make it right for you.

Simply toggle over to QuickPrint for when you need to cut the time it takes to create your map. Switch back again when you want to make the most of all the other functions Promap has to offer.

And remember, this is a feature we’ve added to make things easier for you, so there’s no extra cost or additional fees. Simply toggle to QuickPrint and go!


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